Watch your social media presence transform, your audience grow, engagement increase, and income skyrocket...all without putting a finger to the screen.

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Instagram & Facebook Management

Your social media presence is just as important as the home page on your website and is becoming the new go-to for potential clients as more and more people search for brands on Instagram and Facebook first, instead of Google. Just as you spend your valuable time perfecting photos and copy on your website, the same time and intention needs to be applied to your Instagram feed and Facebook page with a beautiful, planned, and strategic aesthetic, consistent engagement + interaction, and quality content. Additionally, with the Instagram Algorithm, it takes more time and effort to grow a following and maintain steady conversion! Who has time for that?! You don't, we do. Just leave it to us to strategize the perfect social media marketing plan, put it into action, and make your feed as killer as you are. We only work with clients who want to be 85%-100% hands off, so if you're ready to step back and let the experts do the work so you don't have to, let's get started! 

Every monthly plan INCLUDes:

  • Strategically planned content using company visual content, custom photography, and brand related images

  • Caption writing

  • Posting by the McKeely Creative Team!

  • Cohesive, strategic, and  aesthetic on feed

  • Attractive and well managed follower ratio

  • Unlimited email communication / support

  • Monthly Instagram and Facebook page facelifts




  • 1 hour brand photoshoot monthly with a contracted professional photographer in your area

  • Custom IG hashtag strategy to target your audience

  • Daily Instagram posts  - posted by us!

  • Average of 3 Original Facebook posts per week- - posted by us!

  • Crossover from Instagram to Facebook

  • 2 hours of strategic weekly Instagram engagement with your followers/potential clients

  • Planning around events and blog schedule as needed

SILVER: $600/mo

  • Custom IG hashtag strategy to target your audience

  • Average of 4 Instagram posts per week using content found by us or provided by you - posted by us!

  • Average of 2 original Facebook posts per week using content found by us or provided by you

  • 1 hour of strategic weekly Instagram engagement with your followers/potential clients

  • Crossover from Instagram to Facebook

  • Planning around events and blog schedule as needed

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  • You want your brand and business to grow with a killer Instagram presence
  • You want to be 80-100% hands-off but still have an Instagram that reflects your brand and business heart + mission
  • You're ready for amazing and curated content, strategy, and consistent engagement with your followers