The girl squad dream team.
Living their meant so
you can live yours.





Hannah McKeel is the Chief Executive Office and Creative Director behind the MCKEELY enterprise. She's a former 2nd grade teacher and photographer turned serial entreprenuer, cat owner, and coffee drinker.

Hannah isn't afraid of hard work, determination, and getting it done. As a teenager, she worked three jobs, 7 days a week, in addition to owning a photography business started at 15 years old- bringing in enough revenue with a kit camera to completely support herself and her travels through both high school and college.  

In college, she majored in Elementary Education, consulted with start-ups on how to creatively and strategically start and grow a successful business, transitioned her photography business to a branding, coaching, commercial photography, and small business marketing agency (McKeely Creative) and graduated a year early at the age of 20 years old.

She taught second grade for an entire school year- all while building and growing her business after school, on the weekends, and late into the night. And she was miserable. Stuck in a "9-5", over worked, underpaid, and not able to devote her full attention and passion to her life's "meant"- the thing she feels like she was put on this earth to do- which is help creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their dream brands so they can live a life they're passionate about. In October of her second year teaching, she turned the tables on her life, quit her teaching job, and never looked back. 

Today, Hannah is the CEO and main visionary force behind this company and any client work we create. She continues to share her passion for helping others reach their potential and live the lives their meant to live through work with McKeely Creative, and her personal website- (coming soon!)



Social Media Director

Mikayla is an extremely motivated, savvy, and hardworking writer, designer, and influencer responsible for ensuring targeted, quality, and intentional Instagram engagement, as well as contributing to the strategy, creativity, and planning behind your gorgeous Instagram feeds and the McKeely Creative accounts. She, in addition to myself, will attend our social media consults to offer her valuable feedback and take notes.



Director of Marketing & Administration

Josie is the Director of Marketing & Administration. Josie is the glue that holds McKeely Creative together! From emails, scheduling with clients, to making sure the whole team up to date and ready to go! Josie is such a treasure and an amazing team member!