brand and influncer matchmaking


Because pitch emails don't write themselves, let the experts (us) write them for you. we connect, engage, and make you absolutely IRRESISTIBLE to work with (cause you are)


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matchmaking- $475 MONTHLY

Hey influencers, we find the best brands for you to work with AND we write, send, and follow up with killer emails to showcase how amazing you are and lock in brand collaborations that help you get ahead in the industry.

Hey brands and businesses, we find the best influencers and other brands to collaborate your incredible brand. We test the legitimacy of their followers and engagement so you get the best of the best, ensure a win-win collaboration model, and send the emails so you don't have to.  *6 month minimum 


This plan Includes:

  • 30 minute strategy phone call to set goals and make a game play
  • Expert level audience, brand, and/or influencer research
  • Custom pitch email copy writing- each email specially curated to the brand/influencer
  • Influencer / Brand legitimacy screening
  • Media kit analysis
  • Shared tracking spreadsheet
  • Initial outreach emails written and sent by us
  • 25 brand (or) influencer outreaches monthly