Time is Currency

Every day we pay for things, it’s a given. Personally, I like to pay for food and clothes, I mean who doesn’t?! This concept of giving to get in return has become a second nature to us. I bet you don’t even think about it when you are doing it.

Today, people tend to measure how successful they are based on how much money they make, or the nice things you paid an incredible amount of money for. We’ve lost ourselves in that culture too easily. Money is simply a currency, not a problem. It’s just paper for goodness sakes, but that paper has made us blind to a currency that we forget about most of our lives: TIME!


Time is a currency that we use every single moment we are alive, you are using it right now reading this!

It is the MOST valuable thing anyone has, and we tend to waste it focusing on other things that don’t matter. The time you have is worth more than any amount of money you will ever make. Think of it this way as well, time is something where everyone is truly equal, no class or social status separates us.

I challenge you to change your mindset for a day and to open your eyes to how you are spending your time, and I can bet that you will have a change of heart.

We are all rich with time, give it to those who you know are worth it! Stop hiding from it, embrace it, go on adventures, be present where you are, no matter where that place may be. You can always make money back, but you can never get time back.


Hannah McKeelComment