How to Do Both


I see you. You’re working a full-time job and you’re blocked off for at least 6 hours every day. You get home, cook dinner, hang out with your family or your pets, and you’re exhausted.

It's 8pm and you're watching The Voice. You open up your email app on your phone, in attempts to stay kind of present but also be a little productive and of course there’s a dozen emails from your clients, a dozen more from your boss at the ol day job, and a million reminders that there’s not enough hours in the day. 

I was there. I was the notorious full-time job worker, and business owner juggling act. For over a year, I juggled running this agency, McKeely Creative,  while working a second grade teaching job.

Before that, I was a full-time student, worked seven days a week, and ran a successful photography business just because I wanted to and I loved it.

There are SO many reasons for working a full-time job in addition to running a successful business, so can we just stop the stereotype of just because you work a full-time job your business isn’t successful? And by the way can we stop referring to our businesses that side hustles? Side hustles mean that you’re not super serious about it and you give maybe 40% of your gusto to it, like babysitting or like walking the neighbor's dog a couple times a week for a few bucks.

Running a business and working a job doesn’t immediately qualify your business as "less than".

Whether you are in the throes of starting your new business while working a full-time job, you’ve been at it for a while, or you’re trying to develop an exit strategy and just hold on for your dear life until your full-time job is over, here are TWO EASY WAYS to make this incredible, and admirable balancing act a lot more fun for you, and a heck of a lot more productive.

Hannah McKeelComment