How to Master Your Work Week

A motto I base not only my business, but my everyday life on is, time is our biggest and most important currency. We can’t get time back, and the way we spend it is up to us. In a business it’s just as important, making sure every minute is being used productively and effectively. You not only want to spend your time wisely, you want to make sure that your money is being spent wisely when it comes to your business and employees. Here are 3 tips as to how I master my work week:



  1. Map out your week. Before Monday even starts, mapping out what your week will look like will help increase productivity and efficiency within your business and team. Establishing what your day-to-day tasks will are not only makes your employees more efficient, but makes everything within your business more organized.


  1. Confirm meetings and appointments. At the beginning of every week, take time to go ahead and confirm any meetings or appointments you may have throughout the week. This eliminates you running around town, or day of having to reschedule. Knowing when and where ahead of time helps you to schedule out your day up to the minute!


  1. Clear out any distractions. These are sneaky! To make sure that your work week is the most productive and efficient, establish what distracts you and eliminate them! KICK THEM OUT! Put your phone on airplane mode, drink an extra cup of coffee and sit down to master your daily tasks!


It’s simple to know, yet so easy to get distracted and lose time in your work. Everyone is different, but in some ways the same. As long as your end goal is the same, making sure you are being the most productive and efficient within your work week, then it’s a win! Go win this week!

Hannah McKeelComment