How to Create the “PERFECT” Workspace

Motivation and confidence are KEY when it comes to getting work done, but having the perfect workspace helps a lot to! Whether you are working from a home office, or in a cubicle, the most productive workspace is a space where you feel the most comfortable and confident.  



I bet you have asked yourself this question at least once. “How do I create a workspace where I actually get work done?” I know I have asked myself that multiple times.


When it comes to creating the “perfect” workspace you also have to ask yourself, “How do I best get work done?” Design a space the way you would design yourself. What works for people on Instagram, might not work for you. Everyone works differently. Authenticity creates your best ideas.


Distractions are everywhere, but how you deal with them will determine how much work you get done. If you are someone who loves a beautiful view, but know that it will distract you and lead to daydreaming, pick the corner of the office that faces a pretty beige wall. Spice up that beige wall with pictures, or a plant! Allowing yourself to recognize your distractions, and finding other creative ways that help you focus will help you find that “perfect” workspace.


Get inspiration from other people and Pinterest, it definitely helps, but the most important part is to make it what YOU want it to be. At the end of the day, you are the one who will be working from there. Have fun, let those Joanna Gaines design ideas flow, but don’t forget to make it YOU!

Hannah McKeelComment