5 Boundaries to Set with Employees

Building relationships within your business is the utmost important part of a successful career. As important as it is, it can be very easy to lose sight of the needed boundaries between you and your employees. Building up that relationship between your employees to a friendship is great, makes working together that much more fun, but boundaries keep the business healthy. Take a look at these 5 boundaries that I’ve set with my employees!



  1. Remember, you are the boss, so BE the boss! A good leader is one who challenges their employees to grow within their skill set, recognizes and rewards good performance. Every person in some shape or form likes to be challenged and pushed further by what they are doing, and if your employees feel like they aren’t growing professionally, they might seek that somewhere else. Remember you want to be taken seriously as a leader for the long run!


  1. Be fair. Some people click better and faster with certain people, than others. You can’t help that, it’s chemistry. There is one thing you can make sure not to do, and that is to play favorites. Your employees should be judged based solely on their job performance. Don’t let personal friendships influence how you lead your staff, and make decisions within your business, it never ends well. Treat everyone on your team as equals, and you will see such a unity be built within your team!


  1. Be aware of personal emotions. The best thing you can do from day one is to draw that line between boss and friend. It’s inevitable, you will build great relationships with your employees, especially within small businesses. In my mind it’s one of the pro’s of a small business. You should never let personal emotions dictate how you lead your employees. Within the workplace there should be no debate in which is more important: the friendship or the job performance. Set these boundaries early on to avoid having to choose between the two. You can have the best of both worlds!


  1. Save the “drink talk” for another time. You are the boss and you lead by example. What you expect from your employees, they probably expect that, if not more from their boss. There is a difference between building that equity and trust with your employees and being too open with them. I’m not saying only talk to your employees about work related things, but talking about the fight between you and a friend probably isn’t the best to talk about during the work day. Save that for happy hour!


  1. Set expectations. Now you are probably thinking, “Of course I am going to set expectations for my employees, what boss wouldn’t?” Not what I mean. Yes set the expectations of their job, but also set expectations personally with them. Making sure they understand the boundaries between boss and employee. Setting these early on can save you from uncomfortable conversations down the road, and really make your team stronger. Also, allows you to be both, the boss and friend without wondering all the time if they respect you as a boss, but love you as a friend. Being both is completely possible!