4 Tips for Instagram That You Can Use Today!

We're gonna cut right to the chase because you're here for the dinner, not the appetizers. Bon appetite!

1. Start following the right people. As tedious as it may sound, it’ll help you define your audience and gain more followers! Say you’re account is about art. You want to engage with accounts you know will benefit you in the long run. Yeah, you’ve been following that one blogger with 3.2 million followers, but why? You’re not learning anything, and you’re not inspired by her posts. Follow people with ambition and drive. Bonus points if they engage with you back!

2. Start posting regularly. At LEAST 4 times a week. I encourage 1-2 posts a day, but if you’re low on content do what you can. By posting regularly, you’re staying fresh, and staying relevant. There’s no room for missed connections, because you’ve kept your followers updated through the week! Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a job. But once you get in the habit, posting regularly will become a part of your normal routine in no time. Why not start planning your posts in advance?

3. Come up with a strategy. Do plenty of research on posting times. It’s so important because there’s are large parts of the day when Instagram is at it’s lowest engagement. You want to make sure you catch those times when engagement is at it’s prime! Don’t be afraid to ask others what their posting strategy is as well as their favorite hashtags. I suggest having at least 10-20 hashtags relevant to your theme and your brand. The more the better! You’ll also want to analyze your past posts, to see what you could do better in the future. Instagram is constantly changing, why not make sure you’re on board?

4. Collaborate with your fellow creators. Just because we’re all trying to grow on Instagram, doesn't mean we can’t work together. This is not a competition. You may be similar to an account you follow, but I guarantee you that you both have different aspirations. You are you. So put your pride aside and reach out to whoever you can! Whether they’re an artist, a musician, a writer, a business, you’ll be surprised at the positive results! Make it a goal to reach out to 3 accounts a week. And don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond. There’s billions of magnificent people on Instagram, and we all have one thing in common- a passion.

Hannah McKeelComment