4 Things Not To Do on Instagram


  1. Beg for followers. So say, by chance, it’s actually working. Accounts are buying what you’re selling. Quietly, they WILL unfollow over time which hurts your analytics. They didn't connect with you, so they saw no reason to continue receiving your updates. Makes sense. So what can you do to generate REAL followers? Engage. Ask questions. Show a genuine interest because people can ALWAYS tell whether you’re being authentic or not. Plus, it can be fun making connections, and even  new friend! :-)
  2. Over post. Not only is this everyone’s pet peeve, but it’s generally just annoying. You may think it’s helping your statistics, but on the contrary, it can drive others to unfollow. Try to keep it to a maximum of 2 posts a day. Instagram just isn’t made for that kind of approach, so if that’s right up your avenue, I suggest using Snapchat! Or, why not stick to 2 posts a day, and the rest of your content going up on your story. That way, there’s no risk of someone getting frustrated and unfollowing!
  3. Under-post. Yes, over posting isn’t the best way to reach your audience. But did you know that under posting isn’t either? It might seem safer, and definitely less stressful, but it can be damaging in the long run. For starters, your followers can start to loose interest. If you're not posting regularly, how can you stay relevant? 
  4. Expect instant success. Many people think that because they work hard, means that everything will just come easy. As much as I wish that as the case, it isn’t. No matter how much time you put into your Instagram account, it’ll take time to reap the results. Over time you’ll notice your engagement going up and your follow count getting higher! This will be because you had a great strategy and a deep passion. Never because your heart wasn't in it.
Hannah McKeelComment