3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Rock Solid Brand ASAP!

Branding goes way further than just a logo or a cool graphic design, it’s what you are building. Who you are trying to attract, what you are trying to market, and ultimately who you are. Your brand is how your customers or audience perceives you. A good brand just doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, and a very thought out strategic plan. Here are 3 reasons why branding is so important for your business:


  1. Branding promotes recognition. Everyone know of the brands Adidas, Lululemon, Starbucks, etc. Why’s that? Their brands are easy to recognize, they stand out. Having a consistent and easy to recognize brand makes people feel more at ease to purchase your products. Don’t always worry about changing your brand up all the time, pick a direction and run that way. Stick with it and grow it.

  2. A strong brand bring about referrals. Everytime I find a brand I like, I cannot wait to tell my friends all about it. People love to share the things they love. As well the opposite applies, people don’t share brands that they can’t remember. Your brand is what will determine whether people share with others about you, or if they forget.

Your brand represents YOU and YOUR PROMISE to your customers. Ultimately your brand is your dream and your passion coming to life. Make it YOURS. What are you wanting your brand to say? What does it say about you and your staff? Thinking through those kind of questions as you start to create your brand will help tremendously. Create a moodboard, a visual always helps the process and as well brings excitement as you see your dream come to life. 

Creating your brand should be fun as you see your dreams come to life, don’t lose sight of that. Just as you start, create a strategic plan, and if you don’t know where to start, we would love to help you! McKeely Creative was a dream that turned into a reality and I would love to help you with yours!

Hannah McKeelComment