Ad management


there's more to it than just hitting the boost button- ads require mad science, and we are the ad scientists.


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Social media advertising means you’ve got to talk about Facebook and Instagram. With more than 3 billion active monthly users combined, Facebook and Instagram the biggest and most popular social sites around with more advertising potential than any billboard, flyer, or commercial you could ever put out. If you want to promote your business and drive sales, you need to do more than just exist on social media and accumulate organic followers. You need to create incredible content that breaks through the noise, attracts attention and compels people to click, engage, and buy. That's where we come in. With a flat monthly fee, you know what to expect every month. Our flat fees are designed to partner with your business in a model where if you succeed, we succeed.

*6 month minimum + $475 start-up fee

This plan Includes:

  • Expert level audience research

  • Ad building with visual content provided by you or created by us, copy writing by us, and the perfect audience formula

  • Split testing as needed

  • Analytics tracking as needed

  • Posting and management on multiple Facebook and Instagram platforms

  • 2 hour quarterly strategy meeting and unlimited emails




  • Sales that skyrocket

  • Increased exposure

  • Reach to your specific audience

  • Tested and true ads that WORK so you see RESULTS